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      As a proof of concept, we need a topic no one else would dare touch due to it size and important enough that when published, it reflects well on our efforts. To this end, attributional style hits on the boxes. As of publishing this paper, we are looking at about 22,000 papers to go through Looks impossible, right? Let's run some numbers. After article collection, which is beast itself, about half of these will have data. Coding a paper takes about five minutes with the new system, so 12 an hour, or about 50 in an easy four hour day. One coder can do 1,000 articles in 20 days. A modest increase in collaborators and five coders will have 5,000. In 60 days, we have them all coded. Compared to the level of collaboration in other papers, such as "Many Labs 2: Investigating Variation in Replicability Across Samples and Settings," this is child's play. Ideally, forums like this to help to promote calls for collaboration and move our meta-analyses up to the epic level. Think big, propose a topic, and let's see who else is thinking the same way. Now I've tried to keep this open, but it needs password protection. Open Forums are targeted by spammers and the previous one has 1800 spam posts!  
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       Piers Steel